You know that saying…”behind every great man is an even greater woman”? I think it can go both ways because I know for a fact that I have an AMAZING man behind me. The past 3 years we have made great leaps, growing with each other and pushing each other to strive for the best.

Everyone starts somewhere and when we met, I was just a team member at Jamba Juice, going to community college and unsure of what to do with my life and he was always passionate about his music, he just wasn’t at the point he wanted to be at with it. Now, I will be working a runway show with Cory Hindorff (ANTM Cycle 20 Top 3 Finalist) as the host and he will be debuting his album The Weather Underground at Couture Hollywood in LA. We have made huge strides together in the last 3 years and I believe it is because our ambitions coincide.

When you meet someone that you can have a good time with, grow with, be passionate with, who fulfills you mind, body AND soul, you’ve got yourself a keeper. I’ve never met someone who makes me feel the way he does. He brings out the best in me, makes me feel beautiful and sexy in the best possible ways EVERY DAY and makes me want to do better for me because through him I’ve discovered that I am worth it and that I deserve it. He is the kind of man every woman dreams of, I am just blessed that dream is a reality for me. Three years and still in love! *insert happy sigh*